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About us

It all started with a dream. A dream of providing sturdy, resilient and sustainable agricultural investments to our customers in Egypt and the Region that can withstand the socio-economic & health turbulence that we are going through.

An investment that will enable customers to confidently invest 20% of their savings and in few years this will be the heart of their investment with 80% returns bringing together FUTURE wellness.

Our team possesses decades of agricultural advisory and investment experience with an entrepreneurial mind-set and passion for this sector.

We live with the concept of 80 Twenty to create Rooted Investments for our customers.


To provide a safe, vibrant, sustainable energy efficient, eco-friendly, and fully integrated homesteads while striving to constantly improve the quality of life of our clients, ensuring growth of their investments.


80Twenty in defining a healthy living of Choice, an important step was to define our core values:

  • PROSPERITY - Growth in investment
  • DIVERSITY - Vibrant, age diverse population that is properly served.
  • SUSTAINABILITY - Creating sustainable ecosystems within our communities.
  • INTEGRITY - Carrying out each action with honsty will foster trustworthiness amongst each other, With our clients, and in our dealings with other.
  • RESILIENCE - We will strive to create resilient investments for our customers.
  • SAFETY - Creating a healthy and safe environment for all stakeholders based on a true safety culture.


To realize our vision and uphold our values we will endeavor to:

  • Create a legacy that our stakeholders will be proud of.
  • Ensure sturdy investments for our customers.
  • Limit environmental impact through careful selection of suppliers, products and services.
  • Create a safe, comfortable, welcoming, well-maintained environment for local residents, where the facilities and services match their high expectations.


Mr. Negm drives 80 Twenty’s strategic vision, business development, sales & marketing.

Before 80 Twenty Mr. Negm held various senior roles in the construction, building materials, consultancy and heavy equipment industries for more than 20 years in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.


Mr. Fadl leads the daily operation at 80 Twenty including finance.

Before 80 Twenty Mr. Fadl managed finance for more than 19 years for different companies across the Middle East in the construction, financial services, automotive, manufacturing, sports and facility management industries.