QenwanNew Address New perspective

The seemingly endless stays, relaxing eye sights and trails of greenery that seem to lead to somewhere or perhaps nowhere. Palm trees, tall and proud and massive seeded lands that seem to form a gateway.

Clear unpopulated blue skies, the air of calm punctuated only by birdsong. Delightful spots of color and flowers in full bloom.


With the infrastructural growth in Egypt and the vertical expansion of its buildings causing an asphyxiated state in terms of peace, 80Twenty came up with Qenwan a sustainable agricultural mixed used complex that ensures increase in investment for its stakeholders.


Clustered dates, that’s what Qenwan means, Located in Wadi El Natron a perfect setting for the detoxified lifestyle we wish to deliver. Qenwan, an Urban concept village development set within 20 Acres of prime and tested land, is soon set to launch its first phase.


With two different types, to choose from, of urban homesteads designed for exceptional living, the architecture of Qenwan units are environment and health friendly, built to blend in perfectly with any person’s need to upgrade their lifestyle to an active, fresh and flourishing one.

We, at Qenwan, are targeting an energy efficient, eco-friendly, and fully integrated homesteads while ensuring steady and resilient investment for our customers that will enable them a decent source of income; which will not only come from their livestock and seeded land but also from QENWAN’S PALM TREES.

Private living Space

Water purification system

solar systems & solar heaters

Outdoor bricks BBQ / Oven

Modern amenities for children

Facility Management Services

Security System

Water Feature

Cover patio

Lush landscape

  • 36 Shooting club st,
    Dokki - 8th floor
    Giza – Egypt
  • +2 02 333 7 88 86 / +2 02 333 6 77 44
  • +20 1555 214 555 / +20 1555 216 555
  • info@80twentydevelopments.com